The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment (MGNREGA) Guarantees 100 days was introduced in 200 backward districts of the country in 2006. It was later extended to cover the entire country in 2008, and has now been in force for five years in all rural areas.

The Act provides:

  1. 100 days employment for any rural family which is willing to do manual labour.
  2. The wage for the same is generally equivalent to or exceeds the state minimum wage.
  3. There are no contractors or middlemen and payment is made directly into the families postal or bank account.
  4. The objective is to create productive assets at the village level as also benefit individuals belonging to the Dalit (Scheduled Caste) and Adivasi (Scheduled Tribe) Communities.
  5. The activities (work) that  can be taken up include road, farm pond, land development, earthen dam, plantation, toilets, field channels, check dam, livestock shelters etc.

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