The major objective of the convergence model is to capacitate all the field functionaries (Jansathi, Junior Coordinator, Coordinator & Others) on various government schemes/provisions by preparing Learning Midpoints, preparation of Demonstration field for new Sathis, government officials (line departments) and Showcasing the achievements of all interventions. As a result, the organization has taken a unanimous decision to make it possible through convergence model. After due discussion with the team, it has been finalized that altogether 20 villages of 4 districts i.e. 4 number of villages from Sambalpur, 6 number of villages each from Kandhamal and Koraput and 4 villages from Malkangir district will be taken for the pilot study and will try to make them model villages. To ensure all-round development of the villages and to develop few model villages it was necessary to ensure that the entire government’s State as well as Central scheme meant for the villages/villagers reaches them. Later it was finalized that the same would be possible only through collaboration with district administration and it was decided to start from Sarda GP of Jamankira block, Sambalpur as it is one of the places where sangathan had very good presence.


Sarda Gram Panchayat was one of the remotest GP of Jamankira block in Sambalpur district. Altogether the GP comprises of only 1243 people and majorly the community consists of different Scheduled tribes ST- Koundh, Oraon, Khodia and OBC- Gouda. This region comes under Elephant Wild Life Sanctuary called as Badarama wild life sanctuary, hence mobilization of any sort of government project as well as leveraging any infrastructure was very challenging. However, due to sanctuary area and tough terrain the inhabitants of the region were totally alienated from outer world. Hence, Atmashakti successfully persuaded the district collector, Mr. Balwant Singh to adopt the entire Panchayat under Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana (SAGY) wherein the organization and district administration together leveraged different schemes & provisions meant for the community as well as the individuals with collaborative approach. 

Current Situation:

dedicated efforts showcased by the team at Sarda has led to encouraging outcomes. Earlier there were hardly any opportunities to avail facilities on livelihood, communication, education, health etc. But things have changed significantly and now many infrastructures have been developed for the betterment of the people residing there. The details of developed infrastructure in Sarda after the Sangathan’s intervention, is mentioned under Achievement segment.

Key Achievements:

Mobilizing the district administration as well as the line departments resulted in successful leveraging the assets worth Rs. 3.47 crore in entire Panchayat. Some of the quantitative achievements project wise are as follows: 

  • Infrastructure i.e. schools, hostels, village community center, bridge, individual housing etc.
  • Livelihood - Goat and poultry farms, skill development training to village youth, income from non-timber forest produce.
  • MGNREGA – Community/farm ponds, land development for agriculture, roads (Rural connectivity), playground etc.
  • Water and sanitation -  Sanctioning of toilets for every household in order to make the entire panchayat free from open defecation, ensuring availability of drinking water to 100% households wherein solar water plant, hand pumps and huge water tank of 50,000 liter were leveraged under RWSS.
  • Despite extreme poverty, there were only 8 households having BPL status in entire Panchayat. Hence, issue of malnutrition was very depressing. However, due to people’s efforts and struggle for universal coverage, finally government has agreed to cover entire population under National Food Security Act (NFSA).

Achievements through various construction works (Infrastructure Development):

Sl. No. Name of the projects Cost of the project (In Lakhs)
1 Big water tank 49.06
2 Mini Water Tank 27.5
3 High School Building 65
4 Women Hostel 70
5 Anganwadi Center 5.2
6 Playground- 14 .00 
7 63 Toilets 7.56
8 Check Dam 16
9 Podadihi Village 21 .00
10 Tileimal Bridge 32
11 Poultry Farm 20.4
12 Goat Farm 20.4
                             Grand Total - 3, 47,62,000/-

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