Driving Holidays in the Himalayas is a series of books that endeavour to give the reader a glimpse of exciting and exotic locales that can easily be accessed by road. The author has travelled extensively through the Himalayas over the past 25 years and the collection provides you with an overview of the highest but youngest mountain range on our planet.

Each book contains beautiful photographs and separate sections covering the history, people, religion, geography, climatic conditions and flora and fauna of the region.

The books have been extensively reviewed and have received critical acclaim:

The series is published by Rupa & Co in India and should be easily available in your town. The retail price of the books ranges from Rs. 395/- to 595/-. In case of any difficulty in accessing these books you can have them shipped directly to you by emailing drivingholidays(at)yahoo.co.in. A sixth title, on Bhutan, is already in the market and one on Delhi is due to hit the stands shortly. 

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