Areas of Operation in Nuapada District


State : Odisha
District : 

Peoples Organisation (Shramjeebee Vikas Manch)



Nuapada District Map



District Profile:

Nuapada District was created on 1st April 1993 by carving out of undivided Kalahandi District with an area of 3408 Sq. Present Nuapada District comprises one sub-division (Nuapada), five Tahsils (Nuapada, Khariar, Komna, Boden and Sinapali) and five Blocks (Khariar, Sinapalli, Boden, Nuapada and Komna).

They contain mineral deposits such as laterite, graphite and bauxite. The hill sides rising up precipitously from the plains are covered with dense sal forests. The forests of the District are managed under Forest Division named as Khariar Division. According to the composition of forests in the District, it can be classified into Sal forests, Teak forests, miscellaneous forests. There are other forest species such as Teak and Bamboo. All these are situated in the dry deciduous forest zone. Timber is by far the major forest products and Sal is no doubt, a major constituent of these products. Other important species of Nuapada forests are Bija, Asan, Bandhan.

There are some other minor forest produces of this region which include Kendu leaf, Broom-grass, Mohua flower and Its seed, Antia bark and Sabai-grass. Timber, Bamboo and kendu leaf are the major produces which are exported outside of the state. 

Atmashakti started its intervention in November, 2016 with Sharamjeebi Vikas Manch. Saroj Kurmar Suna is the Team Leader of the area and there are 5 number of Jansathi’s. Bhimsen Majhi is the coordinator of the area.

Area 3852
Blocks  5
Tahasils 5
Villages 1,311
Gram Panchyats 109
Rural/Urban Ratio 94.42/5.58
Population  610,382
Sex Ratio  1,021
Children (age 0 to 6 years) 981
Average Family Size  4 persons
No of Aganwadi's Centre / Mini AWC's 130
No of Primary Health Centres / Sub centres 17/95
Infant Mortality Rate  52
Maternal Moterality rate  31
Literacy  57.35
HDI 0.19
GDP 17.58
Percapita Income Rs  
Forest Cover 1849.69 sq. km
Industrial Units Rice mills, Terracotta, cotton and agriculture and Non-timber-F
Irrigated Area 90412 hect
Affected by Left Wing Extremism No affected
MGNREGA DATA (2016-2017)
No. of Families who got work 4,520
Average  No. of Days 29.69

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